Becoming a corporate sponsor is a great way to add a little kindness to the world and at the same time benefiting your business and brand reputation with your existing and potential customers.

Events & Campaigns

We host key events and campaigns throughout the year with large and diverse audiences so there will always be something that aligns with your company’s goals.


We always have something going on:

  • New Year Raffle
  • Hospice Walks
  • Big Coffee Break
  • Lights to Remember
  • Little Stars
  • Dragon Boat Race

Sponsorship Opportunities

These are only a few of our opportunities and in 2022 we have an amazing sponsorship opportunity with Elmer’s Big Belfast Trail.


Benefits to your busines

Sponsorship allows you to:

  • Be linked to a much-loved local caring charity with a large supporter following.
  • To build new connections and build a deeper rapport with a new audience.
  • To provide low-cost, positive promotion, and sets you aside from your competitors as the ethically-minded option.
  • Deduct the money you are passing on when you are paying your taxes, as you can file it as a business expense.
  • Build your reputation as a socially responsible company
  • Generate positive PR opportunities

Sponsorship Packages

Our sponsorship packages include full details on type of audience, value of brand association and a variety of brand association opportunities.

Each package can be tailored to your objectives, from promotion on marketing and at events and more.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in sponsoring an event or campaign please contact
our corporate team

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