Room Hire Facilities

At NI Hospice, we are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to our community. Now, we're excited to expand our services and open our doors to offer room hire facilities for a wide range of events and gatherings.

We take pride in offering a state-of-the-art, versatile and welcoming space that's perfect for hosting a wide range of events, whether they're corporate business meetings, workshops, seminars, or social gatherings.

Our beautifully appointed multi-functional rooms and dedicated team is committed to ensuring your event runs smoothly. From planning to execution, we're here to help you make your gathering a success! 

Get in Touch

Ready to book a room at NI Hospice for your upcoming event?

Contact us today to discuss availability, pricing, and any special requirements you may have. We are committed to making your event a memorable and successful experience.

Simply email: externalroombookings.sr@nihospice.org

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