Gratitude Programme

Sometimes, words alone cannot convey the depth of gratitude we feel when we witness the incredible care given to our loved ones or experience it ourselves. In those moments, a donation becomes a powerful expression of our appreciation, a heartfelt gift that ensures the continuous provision of the services that mean so much to us.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for giving. It could be to honour a nurse who offered a comforting touch during a time of great need or to support another family who may find themselves in a similar situation, seeking the same support we received. For many, it is the desire to leave a lasting legacy of compassion, one that will positively impact lives for years to come.

Our gratitude program provides a meaningful opportunity for patients and their families to express their heartfelt thanks to the caregivers who provided them with such exceptional treatment and care. If you would like to take part in the NI Hospice Gratitude program, please complete the form below. 


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