CARECYCLE: Transforming Textiles, Transforming Lives

Welcome to CARECYCLE, where the simple act of recycling textiles creates a profound impact on our environment and community.

CARECYCLE is a unique initiative by Northern Ireland Hospice, dedicated to weaving together sustainability and compassionate care.

Our Mission
With our CARECYCLE donations stations, we envision a world where every textile donation becomes a thread in the fabric of positive change. Our mission is twofold: to alleviate the environmental burden of textile waste and to provide crucial financial support for our essential care services.

Textile waste is a pressing issue, with a staggering 85% ending up in landfills annually. CARECYCLE addresses this by inviting corporate organisations or landowners to host textile recycling stations. By doing so, you actively participate in reducing waste, conserving resources, and contributing to the Northern Ireland Hospice's mission.

How It Works

  1. Express Interest: Contact our campaign coordinators to express your interest in hosting a CARECYCLE donation station.
  2. Recycling Station: Setup: Collaborate with our team to identify the best location within your premises for the donation station, ensuring accessibility and convenience.
  3. Spread the Word: Encourage employees to donate unwanted textiles. We provide promotional materials to help raise awareness.
  4. Regular Collection: Our team schedules routine pickups, ensuring a hassle-free process with minimal effort on your end.
  5. Impact Report: Receive periodic updates detailing the amount of textiles recycled and the positive impact your donation station is making.
Join us in becoming a catalyst for change!

The Impact

CARECYCLE creates a sustainable cycle that reverberates through:

Environmental Stewardship: Reducing landfill waste and conserving valuable resources.
Circular Economy: Repurposing textiles, lessening the fashion industry's carbon footprint.
Community Support: Directly aiding the Northern Ireland Hospice in delivering compassionate care.

Discover the tangible impact your organisation can achieve through CARECYCLE.

Get Involved

Ready to make a positive change through textile recycling?

Join CARECYCLE and be part of a movement that cares for the planet and its people. Together, we're transforming textiles and transforming lives!
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