Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

A Hospice Ambassador is a celebrity or key business figure who voluntarily acts as a figurehead for the Northern Ireland Hospice. Supported by the Chief Executive, Hospice Ambassadors make a difference by promoting the work of the charity and seeking opportunities to reach more people with our messages. A Hospice Ambassador lends their high profile support to the Northern Ireland Hospice, this could be in the function of campaigning, awareness building and fundraising.

Celebrity Ambassadors

Vivian Campbell

In March 2018, Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell became an Ambassador for Northern Ireland Hospice.

Brendan Rodgers

Leicester City Football Manager Brendan Rodgers became an official Ambassador of Northern Ireland Hospice in March 2016.

Eamonn Holmes

TV Presenter Eamonn Holmes became an official Ambassador of Northern Ireland Hospice in September 2017.

Adrian Logan

TV and radio personality Adrian Logan became our volunteer ambassador in 2018.

Tom McKibbin

Young golfer Tom McKibbin became an official Ambassador of Northern Ireland Children’s in May 2016.

Simone Magill

International football star Simone Magill became an official Ambassador for NI Children’s Hospice in November 2017.

Gerry Armstrong

Former footballer and presenter Gerry Armstrong became an ambassador for Northern Ireland Hospice in July 2018.

Business Ambassadors

Paul Terrington

Paul is Chairman of PwC NI and sits on the PwC National Management Board.

Sir Bruce Robinson

Sir Bruce Robinson was Head of Northern Ireland Civil Service between 2008 and 2011 and received a Knighthood for public service in 2011.

Dr Aislinn Rice

Dr Aislinn Rice serves as CEO of Analytics Engines.

Dame Judith Hill

Dame Judith Hill served as Chief Executive of Northern Ireland from 2005-2014.

Helen Kirkpatrick

Helen Kirkpatrick is currently a non-executive Director of Kingspan Group plc, Dale Farm Co-operative and Chairman of Neueda.

Larry McGarry

Larry McGarry is a highly experienced marketing management professional who consistently delivers high-quality, results-focused and award-winning creative content.

Tim Brundle

Tim Brundle is Director of Research & Impact at Ulster University.

Ian Sheppard

Ian Sheppard is the Northern Ireland Managing Director for Bank of Ireland.

Jackie Henry

Jackie Henry is the Senior Partner for Deloitte in Northern Ireland.

Ken Montgomery

Ken Montgomery established his own business, Pinnacle computing

Wayne Sullivan

Wayne Sullivan founded VANRATH in 2000 and is the acting Managing Director.

Brian McCaul

Brian McCaul is the Director of Innovation at Queen’s University Belfast and CEO of Qubis Ltd.

Aileen Martin

Aileen Martin BA. Hons, is Director of Sales at Hastings Hotels.

Bob McGowan-Smyth

Bob is a partner at Crescent Capital, Northern Ireland’s leading venture capital fund manager.

Dominic Walsh

Dominic is the chair of Sport NI and also as Director of the World Police & Fire Games - hosted in Belfast in 2013.

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