A Day in the Life of a Hospice Receptionist

What’s your role at Northern Ireland Hospice?

What’s your role at Northern Ireland Hospice?

Reception is the first face-to-face contact on entering the Hospice.  We provide a warm caring welcome, we meet and greet patients, families, staff and visitors.  We also take donations, telephone calls, answer queries and offer advice on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in line with Government guidelines.

How important is the “team” approach to delivering palliative care?

It is so important that everyone works together as a team and communicates effectively to give each and every patient and family the best quality care and support available.

What does Hospice mean to you?

Hospice is a friendly, happy, family environment, where patients and their families can get superb professional support and care at a most vulnerable time.

Our service is very much needed and we depend hugely on the good people of Northern Ireland to support us.

How would you describe working at Hospice?

Working at Hospice is like no other job.  It is varied, challenging, stressful, demanding and rewarding. We laugh, we cry, we have good days and sad days. For me, it’s just fantastic job in an equally fantastic place.

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