Free Will Service

  • Northern Ireland

Unlock peace of mind with our complimentary will-writing service. We have teamed up with Octopus Legacy to help protect your loved ones without any cost. Their experienced team ensures your wishes are legally documented, providing security for the future.

If you haven’t got your Will prepared, make this year the year you do!

Make a Will for Free

Now is the time to empower your legacy with NI Hospice's free will-writing service through our trusted partner Octopus Legacy. Create a will for free, ensuring your wishes are honoured while helping us provide support in your local area.


Secure your family's future with expert guidance. Craft a meaningful legacy today, effortlessly and cost-free. Plan responsibly with NI Hospice, offering peace of mind and a lasting impact on your community.


How does it work?

  • Register for the free will-writing service using the button below
  • A member of our trusted partner, Octopus Legacy, will contact you to confirm you appointment
  • You will receive a free consultation either by phone, in-person or via a video call
  • Your Will be be legally documented for you to sign
  • You can update your Will when required in the future (charges may apply)

Register for our Free Will-Witing Service

Our free will-writing service is provided by Octopus Legacy on our behalf. They will provide you with a legally documented Will following a private consultation.

Why Make a Will with NI Hospice?

Writing a will for free is a crucial step towards securing your legacy and providing clarity for your loved ones in challenging times. There are many benefits but we think these are some of the top reasons why you should write your Will for free with NI Hospice:


Peace of Mind: A will ensures that your wishes are known, easing anxiety about the future for both you and your family.


Distribution of Assets: Clearly outline how your assets should be distributed, preventing potential conflicts among heirs.


Guardianship for Dependents: Designate guardians for minor children, ensuring their well-being and care as per your preferences.


Minimise Taxes and Fees: A well-structured will can help minimise estate taxes and legal fees, preserving more for your beneficiaries.


Speedy Probate Process: With a valid will, the probate process becomes more efficient, allowing for quicker asset distribution and reduced stress for your heirs.


Writing a will is a responsible and considerate act that provides security, order, and peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. NI Hospice are delighted to be able to offer you this Will writing service free of charge in partnership with our trusted partner Octopus Legacy.


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