Dying Matters Week 2024

What is Dying Matters?

NI Hospice is proud to support Dying Matters Awareness Week, a national campaign run by Hospice UK that aims to create an open culture in which we're all comfortable talking about death, dying and grief.

This year's theme, 'The way we talk about Dying Matters', focuses on the language that we use, and conversations we have, around death and dying – specifically between healthcare professionals and patients, their carers and their families.

How to get involved

Death, dying, and bereavement are difficult conversations to have. They can feel awkward and uncomfortable, especially with loved ones. 

Here at Northern Ireland Hospice, we're committed to breaking the silence and normalising these important discussions.

This Dying Matters Week, everyone can make a difference! Talk about death and dying in whatever way feels right for you.

To help you get started, NI Hospice is proud to present a short video series featuring insightful discussions about this often taboo topic with our Family Support Team. These videos are a valuable resource for our entire community.



Watch our video as Northern Ireland Hospice's Social Work Co-Lead Aislinn Delaney reveals the topics to discuss with loved ones, and offers tips for how you can normalise having honest, open and timely conversations about death.
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There is no perfect way to have a conversation around death and dying. However, there are smart ways to make it an easier and more comfortable talk for everyone involved. 

Watch the second of our videos to mark Dying Matters Awareness Week, as our Social Work Lead Aislinn Delaney offers valuable tips for opening up the conversation.
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Want to learn more about Dying Matters Week and how you can be part of it? Click here. 

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