Dragon Boat 2024 Day 2

  • River Lagan, Belfast
  • 2 Days

Day 2 - Dragon Boat Race 2024

If you can't make it on Friday 13th September, then Saturday 14th September could be your day for Dragon Boat 2024

Gather your colleagues, friends, and family for an exhilarating day on the picturesque Lagan River at our much-anticipated 2024 Charity Dragon Boat Race!

This year promises intense competition as local businesses, groups, and clubs vie for the title of Dragon Boat Emperors.

More than just a thrilling race, our Charity Dragon Boat event offers a unique team-building opportunity for companies, clubs, and organisations. Join us in this extraordinary endeavour where teams unite to navigate the waters, raising crucial funds for Hospice.

No prior experience is needed – just bring your determination and a good sense of humour! Comprehensive training will be provided, ensuring participants of all skill levels can enjoy the excitement and contribute to the cause.

Save the date for a day filled with camaraderie, competition, and charitable giving. Join the action at our 2024 Dragon Boat Race on Belfast's River Lagan – an event that blends excitement and purpose, creating waves for a meaningful cause.


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