Teenage Weekends

At Northern Ireland Children's Hospice we provide care and support for life limited teenagers. These young people are no different from any others. They want to be independent, have space away from their parents and to do the things teenagers do.

We organise regular, specially themed teenage weekends at Children's Hospice. These give the teenagers the chance to experience normal teenage activities in a safe and secure environment, where their needs can be met.

Krzysztof is one of the teenagers we care for, he told us about his experiences at a recent teenage weekend:

‘"I really loved the weekend at Hospice. We got to go out and just do what we wanted. We watched football and got some pizzas brought into the Hospice, it was brilliant. We had a trip to see the Belfast Giants ice hockey team play and a DJ came in to teach us all how to make music! I made some really good friends there too. It was great to spend time with other boys who are going through exactly the same thing as I am. It’s something I can’t do at home".’ Krzysztof

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