End of Life Care

Children’s Hospice provides support for families faced with planning for their child’s end of life care.

In addition to ensuring the child’s comfort at all times, we believe it’s about making memories for the child now and memories for the family in the future.

In the video below, Grace reflects on the care that is provided to children and their families through Children’s Hospice facilities.

‘We firmly believe that each day is about living, not about dying. Even if we know that the process of dying has begun we still look for opportunities to live life to the full.’ Grace Stewart, Children’s Hospice Care Service Manager

Maria is Mum to four daughters. Two of her daughters were diagnosed with a rare condition that affects the development of the brain and used Children’s Hospice services. Aine passed away in 2012 and Michelle continues to use Children’s Hospice services.

In this video Maria reflects on how Children’s Hospice has supported her family, particularly in their wish for Aine to die at home.

‘“Aine was a home bird so Children’s Hospice gave us 24-hour care at home. I wanted her to die at home in her own bed. Aine had a lovely death and we have lovely memories.”’ Maria