Care in Children's Hospice

While the services available at each hospice are slightly different, our aim is to provide high quality clinical care in a home like environment and to care for your child as you would do at home.

We provide planned and emergency short breaks, symptom management and end of life care. Family accommodation is also available on site meaning that families can choose to stay with their child throughout their time in Hospice or to use this opportunity to spend time with their other children at home.

Either way, our aim is to ensure that you can get the rest you might need, confident that all your child’s needs are met by caring and competent staff. We recognize that for many parents, there is not the option to avail of family or friends as babysitters in the way other families might do and therefore our community support and short breaks service can help.

All the necessary clinical equipment, such as hoists, SATS monitors etc are on hand to ensure your child’s safe care at Hospice.

While families are staying at hospice, all their practical needs are looked after, such as meals and laundry, allowing quality time to be spent with the child.


Horizon House

Horizon House is a purpose built facility, which opened in November 2001. It has ten fully accessible bedrooms for use by children and young people. There is an open plan living and dining room, a soft playroom, a multi-sensory room, a den, an art room, a quiet room and a hydrotherapy pool. There are a range of showers, bathrooms and toilets, which are wheelchair accessible. Horizon House also has family accommodation, which includes four en-suite bedrooms, a shared living area and kitchenette with private access to the gardens. If your child is staying in Horizon House they may also enjoy the colourful soft play room which can also be used as the perfect location for relaxing and watching films and cartoons and the heated hydrotherapy pool for stretching and splashing

In the video below, Joleen and Keith reflect on the care they received in Children's Hospice, when their baby, Bethany, was very ill and wasn't expected to survive.

The Reilly Family

‘We couldn't have asked for much more. Children’s Hospice built up our confidence. They did it slowly and at our pace. We’ve nothing but positive thoughts about Children’s Hospice’ The Reilly Family

In the video below, Grace Stewart, Children's Hospice Care Services Manager, reflects on the care that is provided to children and their families through Children’s Hospice facilities.

A staff perspective

‘We firmly believe that each day is about living, not about dying. Even if we know that the process of dying has begun we still look for opportunities to live life to the full.’ Grace Stewart, Children’s Hospice Care Service Manager