For Children

At NI Children’s Hospice, we have lots of grown-ups who work hard every day to look after children of all ages who are sick or in need of some help. We also help to look after parents and even brothers and sisters too because lots of families need a little bit of extra help from time to time.

In this part of our website, we want to help everyone to understand how special the Children’s Hospice is and what goes on here. We also want to help other children and families to find out more information about what it’s like to come and stay at Hospice or even to have a special Hospice Nurse to come and visit your family at home.

Visiting For The First Time

When you visit Hospice for the first time, you might be afraid because you don’t know what it’s like inside.

Maybe you are visiting to see if you would be happy to visit here sometimes for a few nights.

Maybe your brother or sister is sick and you are coming to visit them, or stay over with them.

But don’t worry, you can have a look around, see what it’s like here – a chance to explore!

There are always lots to do in the Children’s Hospice for all the family. You can play in the garden, watch TV or play games in the living room, play in the ball pit or even take a swim with your family.

 And if you like animals, we have our very own friendly puppy called Amazing Maisie – you can visit her if you like!

Click here to read more about Amazing Maisie!


Staying at Hospice

Lots of children come to stay at the Children’s Hospice each month. Some come to stay for one or two nights and some stay longer.

All of the children who come to stay here have their own extra special bedroom – you can even have it decorated with your favourite characters, toys, teddies or pictures!

We have lots of space here at the Children’s Hospice so brothers and sisters and mums and dads can squeeze in too!

When you come to stay here, we will help you to do lots of activities if you are feeling up to it. We have paints, musical instruments, computer games, special rooms with coloured lights and sounds and lots more.

All the grown- ups who work here will help you to get to know it here and make sure everyone in your family is ok.

Nurses at Your House

Sometimes, if you are sick, or maybe your brother or sister is sick, we can send one of our nurses to come to your house to visit you.

They can help to look after you and make you feel better. Sometimes, the nurse might even have a cup of tea and a chat with your mum and dad. You know how grown-ups like to talk all the time!

Our nurses are always there to help look after your and help the grown-ups too!