Operational Support Team

Our team of highly skilled and experienced Operational Support staff are instrumental in delivering a safe and effective environment for the delivery of world class specialist palliative care services across the Northern Ireland Hospice network.

Our Housekeeping Team

Our Housekeepers at NI Hospice are responsible for maintaining a high standard of cleanliness throughout the building for patients, families and visitors. Due to the nature of the services offered at Hospice and the impact of infection on severally ill patients, these roles are off paramount importance and must be delivered to an exemplary standard 24 hours a day. 

Clinical Administration Team

The In Patient Unit Clinical Admin team includes ward clerks, Consultant PA's and administrative officers to support the multidisciplinary care team and IPU reception.

The Clinical Admin Team ensure that patient records are maintained and stored appropriately, ensuring reports such as clinical staff reports are collated to demonstrate professional therapeutic interaction with patients and their families.

These vital roles contribute to the safety and accurate recording of patient data, ensure effective communication with patients and visitors and manage the acceptance of visitors and guests to the wider Adult Hospice centre on Somerton Road in North Belfast.