Bereavement Care

We all experience bereavement at some point, leaving many feeling vulnerable. However grief and loss are completely normal experiences, a part of life. Caring for you and your family following the death of a loved one is an important part of the service we provide at Hospice.

Bereavement care has always been an important element of Hospice care. Bereavement support is offered to the families/carers of the person who has died and was known to Hospice services. Trained social workers and volunteers provide individual support to bereaved people. A bereavement group is held monthly at Hospice facilitated by social work staff.  This is an opportunity for people to meet others who are grieving, share their experiences and develop coping mechanisms.


The Bereavement Service offers:

  • Individual support
  • Monthly group meetings for adults
  • Bereavement support for children and young people
  • Family Days

Group Sessions

Some people have found that talking as part of a group of other bereaved people helps them come to terms with their own feelings.

Group Sessions Group meetings for bereaved adults are held monthly at NI Hospice.

These are some comments from adults who attended the support group:

‘I was made feel very welcome in the group and the group members were very supportive’ Group Session Attendee
‘I got so much from listening to others in the group who had the same feelings as myself. I thought I was the only one.’ Group Session Attendee (1)

Individual Sessions

We can offer one-to-one support either at Hospice, or in your own home, depending on the distance. These are some comments made by those who have received individual bereavement support.

These are some comments made by those who have received individual bereavement support:

‘The support I received, brought me back from a very dark place, the counselling techniques were invaluable and the support was always delivered in a very attentive, compassionate and caring way.’ Individual Session Attendee
‘I felt I could be completely honest and open. I felt at ease and very comfortable talking to her.’ Individual Session Attendee (1)

Bereavement Leaflet

If you would like to arrange for bereavement support for yourself or your family, or would like to know more about the service, get in touch via the online contact form:

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