Bereavement Support

Bereavement care and support is an integral part of the care provided by Children’s Hospice.

Bereaved parents tell us that having the continuity of relationships within Children’s Hospice throughout their child’s life and following their death, is invaluable. 

Ann Lappin, Family Support Team Leader describes the support offered to bereaved families by Children’s Hospice.

‘"Families, feel lonely after losing a child and that can be very difficult to navigate on your own. Our family support team provide someone to talk to and listen to what they’re experiencing, we provide bereavement counselling, group and individual support".’ Ann Lappin, Family Support Team Leader (1)

Bronagh’s older brother, Stephen, used Children’s Hospice services. In this video Bronagh says that ‘Children’s Hospice helped us be a family again’. She reflects on what it was like for her when Stephen died.

‘"In the hospital we couldn't stay with Stephen, but when we came to Hospice we felt like a family again, we were able to see him first thing in the morning and at night, it really put a smile on our faces".’ Bronagh Doherty