Wine Down for Hospice

Keen to give up alcohol or cut down?

With a curfew of 11pm now set for bars and restaurants across Northern Ireland, and Christmas parties expected to be cancelled due to COVID-19, there's no better time to go sober for Northern Ireland Hospice and to sign up to our Wine Down for Hospice Challenge!

Much like Dry January, we’re asking our supporters to go sober (if not completely cutting out) your intake of alcohol. We’re running the campaign over October, November and December, so simply decide how long you want to cut out alcohol for and let us know by registering below.

Benefits of taking part in Wine Down for Hospice

Debating whether or not to take part in our Wine Down for Hospice Challenge? These feelgood effects may make your mind up!

  • More energy
  • Sleep better
  • Sense of achievement
  • Supporting a worthwhile cause
  • A clearer head

Wine Down for Hospice Registration Form

Northern Ireland Hospice & your Communications

We love keeping you updated on how your support is making a vital difference to our patients. We always keep your details safe and never pass your information to other organisations to use for their own purposes. You are free to update your preferences at any time.

We will keep a record of your communication preferences on your supporter record. If you would like Northern Ireland Hospice to amend your communications please call us on 028 9077 7123 or email