Little Stars Appeal

Give a gift of vital nursing care to a local child like Seanain this Christmas

Seven-year-old Seanain McCallion from Derry/Londonderry is lighting up the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice Little Stars Appeal to encourage others to make a donation this Christmas.

Born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus (water on the brain) Seanain and her family have been regular users of hospice services since Seanain was just 18 months old and this festive season she is wishing for donations to ensure young people affected by life-limiting conditions across Northern Ireland can avail of these lifeline services.

Seanain, who’s the youngest of three daughters, requires 24-hour care and attention to make even the simplest things possible for her. During the day, there are countless times where she needs medication, help to shift her position and personal care.  And, as she gets older (and more poorly) her needs are steadily increasing.

Seanain’s mum, Kathleen, said: "At home I’m Seanain’s main carer and it’s a 24-hour, 365-day commitment. It’s all-consuming and utterly exhausting.This is why Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice has become such an incredibly important part of our lives. It’s the only place I can take Seanain where I know she’s going to be lookedafter properly – and, incredibly, where she can have huge amounts of fun!

"We go three times a year on average, usually for a few nights at a time. Honestly, we all fell in love with the place from the first moment we walked through the door. It’s so happy, warm and friendly – no-one ever passes without saying hello.

How you can help

This Christmas will be Seanain’s eighth and the family are kindly asking for individuals across Northern Ireland to make a gift to the Hospice to help pay for the nursing time that makes special moments like these possible for life-limited children like Seanain.

A small gift of just £36.99 would enable a Children's Hospice Nurse tospend one hour with a child like Seanain. That could be an hour of fun, reading a story or singing a song.

Seanain's Story