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Please help Northern Ireland Hospice today

As a community, we are facing a crisis unlike any other and I know each and every one of us – friends, families and loved ones are dealing with significant challenges because of COVID-19.

The impact of COVID-19 on Northern Ireland Hospice is also very serious. Our community income has reduced to seriously low levels and if this continues we would not be able to survive as an organisation. 

Put simply, this would be devastating for thousands of people all across Northern Ireland. We need to be here and within our community to care for the babies, children and adults that depend on us at their time of greatest need.

Without the funds to carry on, we would not be able to care for local people like June Close - a remarkable lady who shared her story with us before she passed away peacefully at Hospice on 23rd March.

Please take the time to listen to June's heart-warming story below, introduced by Hospice Ambassador and Leicester City Manager, Brendan Rodgers. 

June Close's Story

Please join in the fight for our survival by donating to our Emergency Appeal today and help us honour June's memory in keeping our care available for people all across Northern Ireland.

We need you, now more than ever.