Workforce Wellbeing Programme

As specialists in the area of palliative and end of life care, we're also passionate about fostering and promoting compassionate workplaces that support employees' mental and physical wellbeing.

In response to fostering and promoting a compassionate workplace, we've created the Workplace 'Wellbeing Compassion in Action Programme' to share our expertise, and to support workplaces and employees who are going through challenging times. 

The objective of this programme is to promote a compassionate work environment that supports engagement, productivity, staff retention and the bottom line. 

We can offer a variety of sessions for workplaces, including sessions on communication, caring for carers in your organisation, and supporting employees who have lost a loved one. 

Topic areas

  • Communication: Knowing what to say when faced with somebody who is distressed. Techniques and strategies for managing such conversations with staff, colleagues, and others.
  • Future Planning – Caring for the Carers in Your Organisation - This topic is broad introduction to support all employees who are carers and require additional information, signposting and coping mechanisms.
  • An Introduction to Caring for Someone with Dementia – With the rapid increase in Dementia diagnoses this introduction will provide participants with an overview of how to support someone with a dementia and the relevant associated signposting for carers in the workplace.
  • Embracing Spirituality – This session encourages discussion on the components of workplace spirituality and harmony (inner life, meaningful work and community) which positively enhances work engagement.
  • Good Grief, Loss, and Bereavement – This session provides participants with a greater understanding of bereavement and loss and discusses tips in self-preservation. This topic is also suitable for supporting managers on how to respond and use effective communication.

Course Delivery

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, all our face-to-face sessions have been cancelled. However, we are able to offer 2-hour webinar sessions on any of the above subject areas.

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