A day in the life of a Hospice Housekeeper

08 October 2019

As part of Hospice Care Week, (7-13 October) we recently caught with NI Hospice Housekeeper, Charmaine Geehan.

1.       What is your role at Northern Ireland Hospice and what does it entail?

I work as a housekeeper for Northern Ireland Hospice . This role entails maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and therefore preventing infection in our environment which is incredibly important to keep our patients safe.

2.       How long have you worked at Northern Ireland Hospice?

I have worked for Northern Ireland Hospice for six years. This includes two years in Northern Ireland Children's Hospice where I first started my housekeeping role.

3.       How would you describe Northern Ireland Hospice?

It’s like being part of a very large and caring family and a place that patients often regard as a home from home. It is a safe, happy environment and every day is a joy to work in the Hospice.

4.       In your opinion, what does it take for Northern Ireland Hospice to provide hospice care?

It just wouldn’t be possible to offer the care afforded to patients and their families without the support of fundraisers and our wonderful volunteers. As a team we all work with compassion and empathy – and you also need to be a good listener!

5.       Is there a hospice moment/memory that stays with you?

I have lots of wonderful memories in Northern Ireland Hospice and far too many to mention but suffice to say those memories give me strength and inspiration on a daily basis.