Project Echo

Northern Ireland Hospice adopted the ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) model™ in 2014 as a way to increase the confidence and skill of its Community Nurse Specialists in caring for patients with complex conditions within Palliative Care.

Since then, working in partnership with the Health & Social Care Board, further networks have been established in a wide range of healthcare disciplines, such as Gynaecology, Diabetes, Ophthalmology, and COPD. The ECHO model™ uses video-conferencing technology to connect clinical experts (the hub) with primary care clinicians (spokes), and aims to build knowledge via teaching sessions, case presentations and discussion.

In this way, primary care doctors, nurses, and other clinicians learn to provide excellent specialty care to patients in their own communities.

Until recently, training of “hubs” was only carried out at the ECHO Institute in New Mexico, however in 2016, Northern Ireland Hospice was approved as an ECHO superhub. A superhub is an organisation that can train and support hubs in the ECHO model by providing Immersion training.

This means that companies based in Europe wishing to adopt the ECHO modelcan now attend training programmes in Northern Ireland rather than travelling to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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