Hospice Hub

We hope to treat, as early as possible, the symptoms of your illness and any psychological, social or spiritual problems that you may be experiencing. One service we have available for this is our Hospice Hub in North Belfast.

At the Hospice Hub, you can be assessed by one of our team and a programme of care will be developed to meet your needs. This may be done through individual appointments with members of our team or in a group setting through our Wellbeing Clinic.

Your current healthcare professional can refer you to our services. Based on the issues or challenges you are experiencing, our team will invite you and / or your family member or carer to attend one of our services.

These services are:

  • Hospice Hub Wellbeing Clinic
  • Hospice Hub Outpatient Clinic

Hospice Hub Wellbeing Clinic

The Wellbeing Clinic is a structured six week programme which runs every Tuesday from 10am to 3pm (a light lunch is provided). We aim to improve your overall wellbeing at a time in your life when you may be adjusting to the impact of your illness. Each Tuesday there are a number of different sessions available which are run by our multidisciplinary team. These sessions will focus on providing you with relevant support, information and guidance to empower you to live well with your condition and remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.

The programme will start with an assessment of your needs by a Hospice Hub Nurse who is a specialist in palliative care. Your main concerns will be identified and a plan made for attending sessions that will help to address these. Examples of sessions include ‘Wellness Action Planning’, ‘Managing your Medicines’, ‘Breathlessness Management’, ‘Fatigue Management and Energy Conservation’, ‘Managing a Decreased Appetite’, ‘Coping with Changes in your Health’ and ‘Laughter, Lifting your Spirits’.

Hospice Hub Outpatient Clinic

The Outpatient Clinic takes place on Wednesday and Thursday each week. It is run by our multidisciplinary team who offer a variety of services, support and information. You may be seen by one member of our team or several members depending on your needs. The services available include:

  • Medical- Medical assessment and management of symptoms
  • Physiotherapy- Falls awareness and prevention;Rehabilitation and one-to-one exercise programme;breathlessness management (‘Breathe Easy’) and pain management
  • Social Work- Emotional support for patients, carers and family members; support in developing coping strategies to deal with serious illness; direct work with children and young people; practical advice and information; help with communication within the family circle
  • Complementary Therapy- Non-medication treatments which can aid relaxation and help with disturbed sleep patterns, pain, anxiety and other symptoms
  • Nursing- Holistic needs assessment; symptom assessment and management.
  • Occupational Therapy- Fatigue management and energy conservation; anxiety management; relaxation sessions and assessment for equipment that may be required

How to Attend

If you think you may be interested in attending the Hospice Hub, please speak to your current healthcare professional (either in the community or the hospital) to arrange for a referral to be made. Once this has been received by our team, we will be in contact to invite you to one of our services.

Getting to the Hospice Hub

Once you enter the main gate of the Hospice on Somerton Road, follow the signs for ‘Hospice Hub’. There are car parking facilities including disabled parking available at the main entrance of the Hospice Hub.

For more information on our Hospice Hub services, please get in touch via the online contact form:

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