Volunteering at Northern Ireland Children's Hospice

Who can be a volunteer with the Children’s Hospice?

You must be 16 or older and be able to give just 3-5 hours per week/fortnight.  A little time will make a big difference.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide short-term, summer, or “holiday time” volunteering.  We cannot offer placements or work experience; however, we do encourage students to volunteer, provided they can commit to the 18-month minimum commitment.

Why volunteer with the Children's Hospice?

Doing everyday tasks such as laundry, tidying toys, preparing rooms, serving tea/coffee, welcoming families at reception, etc. make a world of difference to the running of Horizon House and make it a home-from-home for our children and young people.  Your volunteer experience will sometimes be challenging but always rewarding. 

What volunteering roles do we have to offer at the Children’s Hospice?

Volunteer roles at Northern Ireland Children's Hospice include; Family support, kitchen support, housekeeping, support to our care team, pool spotting, administration (involves computer work), gardening and babysitting.

Not all roles are offered at every recruitment time, but only what is needed in-house.  Volunteers are not involved in intimate/personal care, giving advice to children or families, moving/ lifting children or assisting with these tasks. For more information on volunteering roles at NI Children's Hospice, click here.

Things to Consider Before Applying

  • A minimum commitment of 18 months (after training and paperwork are complete) is required due to the nature of the work we do here at the Children’s Hospice - to provide long-term continuity for the children and families who use our service. 
  • We have a bereavement policy for volunteers.  Please ask for details if you have recently experienced a bereavement of a relative or close friend as this may limit your volunteering role at this time.
  • Volunteering at the Children’s Hospice is not for everyone.  We need reliable volunteers who have a high level of sensitivity and initiative.  We look for volunteers who are willing to do the many ‘everyday’ tasks that support the care we provide for the children and their families.  It is not the role of volunteers to be involved in nursing intervention such as giving medicine, treating a wound, adjusting equipment, intimate/personal care, giving advice to children or families, moving/handling/lifting children or assisting with these tasks.
  • Volunteering at the NI Children’s Hospice is a highly rewarding experience – we are grateful for all our volunteers and the difference they make here!

How to apply?

1. Express an interest by filling in the form below or call us on 028 90 777 635. Volunteer Services’ staff will keep your details on the database to be contacted for the next recruitment.

2. When recruitment re-opens, we will contact you by email or post with application information. Please note that we only recruit two or three times per year because of the nature of our work and the amount of training required.  We will only contact you for the next recruitment and not for other future recruitments.  We will not use your contact details for any other reason.

3. After receipt of your application, and if shortlisted, you will be invited to a short interview and we will send for references.  Successful applicants will then be required to attend an Induction Training Programme and complete an Access NI check, followed by 3 shadowing sessions during which ‘competencies’ are completed.

4. Once training and paperwork are completed you will be a fully-trained volunteer with the Children’s Hospice!

Volunteer Application Form

For more information on how to volunteer with Northern Ireland Children's Hospice, please get in touch via the online contact form:

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